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News from our Affiliates Committee...June 2020

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Presented by Christy Lister, CDLP, Mortgage Loan Originator, FNB Mortgage Group, NMLS #1117253 

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This time last year, my life was weeks away from changing in ways that I could not have imagined.  Little did I know that the circumstance that I was faced with would help prepare me for the whirlwind of change that we all have been forced to deal with over the past couple of months.  Realistically, we witness life changing events happen to people every day that do not a dramatic impact…until it happens to us.  What if we started each day with the mindset that LIFE CAN CHANGE without a moment’s notice.  We should use every day to become more aware of who we are and the strengths we have to help us when placed in those situations we could not have expected.

We are facing difficult times in 2020 and we are going to make it through by coming up with new ways to overcome obstacles in our businesses. In a sales-based industry, we know that our paychecks are on the line based on the world around us. Keep in mind, perception is reality. How do you deal with the everyday stressors that arise? How do you cope when you lose a contract? How do you cope with questioning your role in society? In these situations, take a step back and ask yourself if you are failing or succeeding. Perspective is everything.

The scariest thing in life is the unknown. Have you ever stopped to realize that each morning we have a plan for the day. But at the drop of a dime, the phone will ring, an email will come over, or a text will come across that will change our plan. This is something that was unknown before that very moment. It will either put a smile on our face, put new people in our life, or change how we react to everyday life.  It is during the time when fear of the unknown hits us that we find our strength, passion, and success of overcoming that we are told would be impossible. When someone asks you how you have been able to do this, remember it is because you had NO OTHER OPTION!

2020 has forced us to pivot to a new normal. We’ve been given no other option but to overcome. We have overcome in the way we show houses, contact our clients, and live our everyday life. “NO OTHER OPTION”

During the time of isolation, we have brought friends, family, clients, and referral partners into our everyday life with a click of button. Yet, we have been able to maintain how we have built our businesses with our personal touches. We may not be able to be face to face in the same room, but we have been given an opportunity to develop new ways to communicate and maintain our goals. “NO OTHER OPTION”

2020 has brought our communities together stronger than before. We don’t know how strong and resilient we are until we have no other option. Being forced to slow down has granted us the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and dive into our own minds. This is a blessing in disguise. We have been handed the opportunity to grow as a community, an organization, family, friend, and a human being. “NO OTHER OPTION”