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News from our Affiliates Committee...January 2019

Rebecca Willey

A reminder about the danger that Radon gas presents

Prepared by Rebecca Willey, Radon Xpress, Inc. 

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Happy New Year!

January greets us with a fresh start.  The opportunity to focus on your family’s health, wellness, and safety for the coming year.  While some people choose to eat healthy, hit the gym, or quit a bad habit…what often goes overlooked is a common danger already lurking in your home.

Radon gas is a clear, odorless gas that emanates up through the foundation and into your home.  It is the cause of roughly 21,000 cancer related deaths a year and is the number one cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers per the EPA.  To put that into perspective, Radon kills more people each year then drunk driving.  Shockingly, the EPA accepted limit of 4.0 has the same harmful effects as smoking 10 cigarettes a day. And while Radon is a health hazard, it also has a simple solution. 

Radon Xpress Inc. is a Veteran owned and operated radon mitigation company.  We strive to get radon levels as low as we possibly can, while keeping it affordable for everyone.  Every home owner has the right to a safe and healthy home.  At Radon Xpress Inc. we believe knowledge is power and educating yourself on the dangers of radon should be at the forefront of your family’s New Year’s resolution.