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News from our Affiliates Committee...April 2019

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Some insights on the difficulty of working with people who are divorced

Presented by Christy Lister, CDLP, mortgage loan originator at First National Bank in Morris, NMLS 1117253 

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No one wants to talk about it, but we have all been affected by it one way or another. The Dirty “D” Word Divorce! Why do we try and avoid talking about this with divorcing clients? Is it because, it is personal, sticky, or makes us uncomfortable since there’s so much emotion is involved?

Let’s admit it! They are scared, regardless if divorce is what they want. It is a major life change, for better or worse. They need to have someone that they trust be open and honest about buying a home before, during, or after the divorce.

Let’s face it, your reputation and your commissions depend on it. Knowledge is power and without knowledge we don’t have the power to help our clients. The best way to overcome this is to ask questions, as hard as that may seem, you want to make sure that your client doesn’t lose their power to buy.

When your client builds their divorce team, make sure you are the realtor they use. This not only will assure, they are receiving the proper information, but it will allow you the opportunity to serve them better.

A divorcing situation has three opportunities for you to earn your income. If they decide they need to sell their current home, this is a listing for you. Following that listing they will each need to purchase homes for themselves. Two more opportunities that will not only help your clients, but you as well.

As a certified divorce lending professional, I am able to help your client, understand the steps they will need to take in the beginning and have a plan for them when they are ready to buy their home.

I wish there was someone like me, when I went through a divorce seven years ago. My situation would have been a lot different.