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News from our Affiliates Committee...October 2019

Steven Boyd

An Inside Look at Three Rivers Affiliates Committee

Presented by Steven Boyd, Certified Master Inspector, Home Inspection Company of Illinois 

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When starting my business fifteen years ago, the best advice that I received was from a  REALTOR® to become an Affiliate Member of Three Rivers Association of REALTORS®.  She explained that the affiliation would benefit my business several ways:

  • Three Rivers REALTOR® members are selling and listing in the same local geographic area that my company covered. Local government ordinances and issues affect their business interests the same as Home Inspectors.
  • Three Rivers Association of REALTORS® is very active with our local, state and federal elected officials advocating for the protection of private property rights and constantly monitoring local, state and federal legislation that impacts the real estate industry.
  • Three Rivers Association of REALTORS® keeps its members informed when good or adverse laws and/or regulations are being considered and what action is needed.
  • Affiliate Members have the flexibility to choose to be a part of a number of committees that allow hands on participation with Three Rivers members. The Affiliates Committee also pulls together a variety of businesses to host a monthly learning lunch or breakfast covering various subjects that are beneficial to Three Rivers members. Sponsoring Affiliates are giving the opportunity to introduce themselves and their businesses directly with the REALTORS® in attendance.   

Fast forward fifteen years. Her advice has served me well. One in five start up businesses survive the first five years. The booming market when I started helped in establishing my company locally before the financial bust which resulted in conditions that affected all of us for years. Even though our number of members was reduced, our association grew tighter and we respected each other for surviving that unprecedented housing collapse. Today, as I look around the Affiliate Committee table, all of the faces have changed. The mission however has not. I am proud to be part of this professional group which has a shared interest with the REALTOR® members of Three Rivers who are committed to the future of this great industry.