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News from our Affiliates Committee...April 2020

Carol Fisher


Presented by Carol Fisher, White Glove Building Inspections 

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Yes, it is a “BRAVE NEW WORLD” out there, even more so now when doing inspections with Covid-19.  Think about it! None of us know where that virus is.  Where is it lurking? On you? On me? On them? On the handle, the doorknob or on the toilet (>0<) ??  Yes, everyday we face this as inspectors, but it is certainly compounded today.  There is nothing attractive about scrounging around on the floor, in the attic, or the crawlspace let alone confirming that the toilet is working and seated properly. 

You may not have thought about just how much an inspector does and has to orchestrate before, during, and after an inspection.  But if it is done well it looks easy.  You may be familiar with our inspection process where we encourage participation and questions.  This enables your client to make an informed decision about the property not only from the written report, but also through the experience of the inspection itself, visually seeing everything, hearing all comments, and being able to ask any question along the way. 

Did you know that it is common practice in many other states to never attend an inspection? Interesting!  Perception of the process sure does change with that in mind.  What I am encouraging is to rethink the inspection process during the threat of Covid-19.  No matter what your viewpoint is or isn’t on the health issues unfolding, it is only prudent to exercise absolute caution.  The best way is to NOT attend the inspection, all parties concerned – buyers, family, contractors, REALTORS®, sellers and the dogs too!  Safety first must be the motto.

We will talk with your client after the inspection via phone or any other format that is able to be arranged given the technology available to all the parties concerned. In this unprecedented time this is an easy, fast technical solution to meet the needs of the client. 

We at White Glove have taken as many precautions that we can, given the information we all have been provided from the CDC and our associations.  Our inspectors are equipped with hand soap, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial spray, booties, masks, and of course “GLOVES” not cotton, but nytril now.  Yes, the inspector has taken on a sporty new look!  Plus, it has become somewhat cumbersome. It is hard to unscrew that bolt with rubber “GLOVES”!  Our tools and radon monitors are sanitized before and after an inspection. 

So now it is time to think about doing a pre-listing inspection.  This empowers you the REALTOR® and seller to set the stage and disclose all aspects of the home ahead of time.  This is not a typical practice here in Illinois, but negotiations go smoother, preparing the home and correcting problems found can be completed.  The seller can budget for repairs and search for a competitive bid.  It can be used as a marketing tool to attract clients to your listing. 

White Glove also have an app and national platform ( to market you, the property, and the report that generates a list of prospects for you.  We also do sign installation to complete the entire listing package (  In addition, you will have potentially motivated, qualified buyers making offers that close faster and easier. 

Most importantly you are going to greatly reduce your exposure to Covid-19.  Let’s take control and pull the real estate market straight on up.

Carol Fisher, Co-chair Affiliate Committee, Three Rivers Association of REALTORS®

White Glove Building