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News from our Affiliates Committee...June 2019

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Want to earn a 36-times return on your investment?  Pay it forward!

Presented by Dylan Putnam, Vice-President of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate 

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In a world sometimes seemingly filled with uncertainty, confusion and petty behavior, it’s reassuring to know that Karma exists and sometimes moves to dispense justice when and where it’s called for.  Not always, of course. Nothing is perfect.  But it’s enough to make a difference.

            A few months ago, one weekday morning, my friend Amanda was on her customary 6:30 pilgrimage to her local Starbucks for her usual six-dollar caffeinated cocktail.  She patronizes the same Starbucks nearly every day because the same perky girl, Jesse, has served her for well over a year now.  Consistently, Jesse greets her with a warm smile and always asks “How is your day going so far?”.  Her daily visits always help to raise her to a positive emotional state.

            Recently she pulled up to the drive-thru window and decided to “Pay it forward” when she offered to pick up the tab for the car behind her.  As she explained this inspiration to her friend behind the counter, Jesse responded with some disbelief “Are you sure?!”  “Of course!” Amanda replied enthusiastically. To Amanda’s shock and surprise, however, the bill she’d promised to pay came to a whopping $93.00!!  With a mix of reluctance and a deep desire to keep her word, she resolved that the right thing to do was to pay for it, cost be damned.

            As she pulled away, she thought to herself “I certainly hope that my small gesture goes a long way.”

            She needn’t have worried.  The following morning, Amanda went to her same Starbucks as per usual and saw her familiar server once again. To her great surprise and pleasure, Jesse rushed to the window and said “You won’t believe this.  Yesterday after you paid for that car behind you, the next thirty-six cars also paid it forward!  It’s by far the biggest ‘pay-it-forward’ that this location has ever seen or that we’ve even heard of.  It’s a new record!”

            As Amanda drove off, she began to smile in a way that she hadn’t done in longer than she could remember.  The smile stayed with her the entire ride home and was felt throughout the day.

            Minimally, this is a heartwarming story. I hope it’s put a smile on your face. However, great stories often carry positive consequences.  Amanda realized that ever since that morning, she’s done more for other people than she ever had before.  She’s found that kindness not only helps other people feel good, it also helps her.  The old biblical proverb “It’s better to give than to receive” is once again proven both wise and perfectly on point.  Pay it forward!

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