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Kind Lending:  An Oxymoron?

Prepared by Mike Montgomery, Sr. Loan Officer, Kind Lending, NMLS #729567

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Kind Lending… some people I talk to think those two words together are an oxymoron! I’m sure many of you have experienced your share of challenges with your lenders. I’m writing today to let you in on a little secret – at Kind, we really do mean it. We do business the Kind way. We are on you and your clients’ side every step of the lending journey. Let’s briefly look back so we can see where we are headed (and why you might want to partner with us!)

Once upon a time, there was a mortgage company called Stearns Lending. It opened for business, run by a 25-year-old named Glenn Stearns. His new business grew like crazy because he told every prospect “I can help you”, and he meant it. He knew that while people want a good deal, they also want to work with someone who understands how they feel when buying a home. They want to work with someone who will be their friend.

A cancer survivor, Glenn sold Stearns Lending prior to embarking on a multi-year sabbatical with his family. Upon his return, Glenn starred in a reality show, Undercover Billionaire, on the Discovery Channel. One day he had an epiphany of sorts, which was to go back to his roots and open a different type of mortgage company. One staffed with industry veterans who are passionate about helping others, kind at heart, and still offer great deals on home financing.

Now I had worked with Glenn at Stearns and knew what he was all about. When I heard about Kind Lending, I said “hey, I’m in”. And here I am.

So … what can you expect from a Kind loan officer? A variety of home loan and refinancing options. I’m always looking for ways to save your clients money. For example, if they aren’t happy with their existing lender, I might be able to transfer their appraisal and save them the time and cost of a new one.

Even if your clients decided they’re not quite ready to buy, I can help them plan an affordable home buying budget ahead of time.

You’ll also like how we keep things simple. We explain your options in everyday language. Common sense reigns. And we’re always trying to set new speed records when getting you to closing. 

I’m Mike Montgomery with Kind Lending, and I want to help you and your clients throw that legendary housewarming party sooner than later. I can also help with refinancing, and with loans for vacation homes and investment properties. Call me at 630.973.6911.

Thank you………..Kindly!


David Dinsick

An Important Message about Radon Gas

 Prepared by David Dinsick, BRT Home Inspections and Radon Testing

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Radon gas can be found in every home in Northern Illinois, the question is at what level!

Many people do not know what Radon is, let alone why it's dangerous. Radon is a colorless and odorless cancer-causing radioactive gas. It forms naturally from the decay (breaking down) of radioactive elements, such as uranium, which are found in different amounts in soil and rock throughout the world. Radon gas in the soil and rock can move into the air and into underground water and surface water.

The largest danger regarding Radon gas, is that being exposed to radon for a long period of time can lead to lung cancer. The way it works is that Radon gas in the air brakes down into tiny radioactive elements (radon progeny) that can lodge in the lining of the lungs, where they can give off radiation. This radiation can damage lung cells and eventually lead to lung cancer. More and more people these days are finding them diagnosed with lung cancer, perplexed because they have never smoked a day in their life. Cigarette smoking is by far the most common cause of lung cancer in the United States, but radon is the second leading cause. Scientists estimate that about 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year are related to concentration of High Radon levels.

In 2013, the US Surgeon General addressed the growing problem of Radon and its dangers. “Americans need to know about the risks of indoor radon and have the information and tools they need to take action. That’s why EPA is actively promoting the Surgeon General’s advice urging all Americans to get their homes tested for radon. If families do find elevated levels in their homes, they can take inexpensive steps that will reduce exposure to this risk,” said Jeffrey R. Holmstead, Assistant Administrator, Office of Air and Radiation, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Our company, BRT Home Inspections and Radon Testing - Radon Discovery LLC, is dedicated to not only educating homeowners on the dangers of Radon but providing a service to help them test the levels in their home, and then do something about them!

David Dinsick

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BRT Home Inspections and Radon Testing

Radon Discovery LLC

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IEMA Professional License RNI2016201 (Illinois Radon Testing Professional)

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