Championing Diversity in Real Estate

Join us in our mission to foster an inclusive environment within the Three Rivers membership, leadership, and the community, where diversity and fair housing are at the forefront of our advocacy efforts.

Our Mission

Promoting Diversity and Fair Housing

The Diversity Committee of Three Rivers Association of REALTORS® is dedicated to promoting diversity within our membership and leadership. Our goal is to educate our members on issues of diversity and fair housing, ensuring that we are better advocates for homeownership and equality. Through our initiatives, we strive to create a more inclusive and equitable real estate industry.

Our Key Initiatives

Educational Programs

We offer a range of educational programs designed to inform and empower our members on topics related to diversity and fair housing. These programs are tailored to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge.

Advocacy Efforts

Our committee actively engages in advocacy efforts to promote fair housing policies and practices. We work with local and national organizations to support legislation that advances diversity and equality in the real estate industry.

Community Events

We organize and participate in community events that celebrate diversity and promote fair housing. These events provide opportunities for networking, learning, and fostering a more inclusive community.

What Our Members Are Saying

The Diversity Committee has been instrumental in helping me understand the importance of fair housing. Their initiatives have made me a better advocate for equality in homeownership.

John Doe

Thanks to the Diversity Committee, I have been able to connect with a diverse group of professionals who are equally passionate about promoting fair housing and equality.

Jane Smith

Participating in the Diversity Committee’s programs has greatly enhanced my knowledge and ability to support diverse communities in their homeownership journey.

Michael Johnson

The educational events organized by the Diversity Committee have been eye-opening and have significantly impacted my approach to advocating for fair housing.

Emily Davis

Being a part of the Diversity Committee has allowed me to contribute to meaningful change within our association and the broader community.

Robert Brown

Upcoming Events

Diversity in Real Estate Workshop

Join us for an interactive workshop focusing on diversity in the real estate industry and how we can promote inclusive practices.

October 15, 2023


Fair Housing Seminar

Learn about the latest fair housing laws and how they impact our work as REALTORS®. This seminar will provide valuable insights and resources.

November 10, 2023


Advocacy for Equality Conference

Attend our annual conference dedicated to advocating for equality in homeownership. Network with leaders and gain new perspectives.

December 5, 2023


Inclusive Leadership Training

This training session is designed to equip leaders with the skills needed to foster an inclusive environment within their teams and communities.

January 20, 2024


Get Involved with the Diversity Committee

Join us in our mission to promote diversity and fair housing within the real estate industry. Whether you become a member, attend our events, or support our initiatives, your involvement makes a difference.